Rent to Own Servers

Now, renting a server can have a purpose. You own the hardware after 12 monthly payments, so you can lease quality hardware, carry out your hosting tasks with ease, and walk away owning your own hardware. Our Rent-to-Own Servers are the best value server special you'll find anywhere.

Free Setup and Cancel

Own the Hardware

After 12 months.

Full Root Access

Fully Open Ports

Dedicated Servers

Choose from one of our premium quality linux servers, and Rent to Own it! After 12 months, the hardware is yours.

Dual Intel Xeon L5520 Quad Core 2x Intel Xeon L5520 quad core CPUs8GB registered DDR3 memory1TB SATA drive10TB bandwidth2 IP addresses100mbit portFull root access
After 12 consecutive payments you will own the hardware. You still may cancel at anytime just like a normal service. It is required to read and agree to our Terms of Service
$84.99 - Order

How it Works:

Our Rent to Own servers are simple, just purchase the server listed above just like our other server plans. You can cancel at anytime, however you need 12 consecutive payments to qualify. After 12 months, just open a ticket and we can arrange shipping of the server to your place of residence or business. Shipping cost must be paid by the buyer.

1. Purchase the Service

Buy the server above just like any other server we offer. If you choose, you may cancel at anytime, however you need 12 consecutive payments to qualify to own the hardware.

3. Open a Ticket

After 12 payments have been complete, just open a ticket and let us know you've completed the 12 month payment cycle. We will arrange shipping of the server to your place of business or residence.

2. Make 12 Payments

Stay on top of your 12 monthly consecutive payments, and avoid late invoices. Use the service like normal, and enjoy the speed and power!

4. Ship the Server

Volarus Hosting will ship the server from a data center to your location of choice after you pay the additional shipping invoice. You can choose how you want it shipped, and we will walk you through it.

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