Cloud VPS Features

All of our High IP Cloud VPS nodes are equipped with at least 32GB DDR3 ECC RAM utilizing RAID-10 Disk Technology in order to provide superior speed and reliability. Your Cloud VPS would utilize HyperThreading thanks to the Intel Xeon processors that are in use. All servers operate under the popular OpenVZ virtualization technology. Our Cloud VPS plans come with high IP allocations to meet all of your needs.

High IPv4 Allocation

We uniquely provide Cloud VPS Hosting equipped with a high allocation of IPv4 addresses, among other generous allocations such as RAM, and CPU.

SolusVM Panel

Fully manage your virtual server. OS Reinstalls, network settings, a Serial Console to manage your VPS even when its offline, and so much more (Over 50 management options!).

Fully Dedicated Resources

You get the resources that you pay for, it's that simple. This means you can always rely on the speed of your VPS when you need it. No more service slumps from noisy neighbors.

Full Root Access

From full root access, to completely open ports, your Cloud VPS will feel just like a Dedicated Server. Volarus Hosting will not stand in the way of your Cloud VPS speeds- but rather empower you.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud VPS 1 768MB RAM50GB Disk Space1 Core @ 3.40GHz
3 IPv4 Addresses600GB Bandwidth100Mbps Port
$9.99 - Order now
Cloud VPS 2 1,536MB RAM100GB Disk Space1 Core @ 3.40GHz
5 IPv4 Addresses1,000GB Bandwidth100Mbps Port
$16.99 - Order now
Cloud VPS 3 3,072MB RAM200GB Disk Space1 Core @ 3.40GHz
10 IPv4 Addresses2,000GB Bandwidth100Mbps Port
$29.99 - Order Now
Cloud VPS 4 6,144MB RAM400GB Disk Space1 Core @ 3.40GHz
25 IPv4 Addresses5,000GB Bandwidth100Mbps Port
$56.99 - Order Now
Cloud VPS 5 15,360MB RAM1TB Disk Space1 Core @ 3.40GHz
60 IPv4 Addresses10TB Bandwidth100Mbps Port
$129.99 - Order Now

all plans Include:

Full Root Access

Just like a Dedicated Server, you receive full administrative and root access to your service. We won't get in your way.

No Closed Ports

All ports are open, and never throttled for maximum speed and efficiency.

Enterprise Hardware

We use only the best for our services, to achieve maximum speed. Real servers using real enterprise hardware inside Tier 3 datacenters.

Free Burstable RAM

In addition to the listed RAM for each plan, you also receive up to 2GB FREE burstable RAM to give your service the boost it needs when workloads get tough.

TUN/TAP Enabled

TUN/TAP features can easily be enabled and disabled through your SolusVM panel with just a few clicks.

100MBPS Port Speed

Bring your service to the world with our globally connected network. Sites load faster, and data travels with less latency through our 1000+ Gbps directly internet connected backbone.

Cloud VPS Services, Just Like a Dedicated Server!

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